The Maasai Mara
Dec 07, 2022 11:45 AM
Terry Wilson
The Maasai Mara

Come to Harbor View Restaurant, 4 Embarcadero Center.  

Meeting begins at 11:45am in the lounge / bar area.  Optional lunch to follow 12:45 -  1:30pm.   $40

Rotarian Terry Wilson from the Rotary Club of San Carlos will share his new book written about the Maasai Mara

Earned a degree in English with Journalism Major, courtesy of the GI Bill.  While in college I became a reporter and photographer. Following year taught English at Canada College; and next year took over the journalism department while my professor/good friend wrote his third book.  Manager editor of two local weekly's following two years; but joined an S&L as publicist in 1988 when the CEO offered to triple my salary.  Was publicist, then public information officer for the 43-branch S&L. Produced a four-color 24-page quarterly magazine, writing the stories, taking the photographs, and designing the publication. Later was marketing manager for a Squaw Valley timeshare. Sold out in one year; job ended; and I was offered a job as a loan agent where I have spent the past 35 years.  Served as Rotary newsletter editor countless times; served on the BOD; Endowment Board; and as Club President.  Travelled most of the world with my loving wife until she passed away in 2021 from pancreatic cancer surgery complications.   After being together over 50 years, the devastating loss of my wife still weighs heavily on my heart and soul.  Have always--since about aged eight--written poetry and short stories until my three trips to Africa on water installation projects.  As a result of these trips, I wrote my first book, Miracle in the Mara that was just published.  Have my mother, two adult sons, daughter-in-law with three grandsons, three sisters, and a cousin with his wife and four grand nephews.  Life has been good, exciting, and taken very different paths to get to this point in my life.